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Sometimes, having the central or electric heating in your home might not be enough. But most people tend to avoid getting that extra bit of heat from purchased portable heaters simply for how expensive they might be to upkeep. Bills are high enough as is during the cold season and adding extra on that thanks to heaters is simply not an option to most. Luckily, there are options far more efficient and convenient than that. And we’re talking, of course, about the Alpha Heater!

This innovative mini device can be plugged straight into the power source and can reach a warm temperature in seconds – all without marginally raising your monthly spending. Effective and easy to operate, this heater will be your seasonal favorite for many years to come!

What makes Alpha Heater so special?

Compact and portable, Alpha Heater can be placed in any room and even get taken on trips. Unlike most heaters, it can fit in your suitcase or a bag! That’s very convenient for those who would like to use it both in their office space and at home. Even though it uses fan heating, it operates very quietly, so there will be nothing noticeable about it other than cozy warmth. Speaking of which, don’t let its size fool you – Alpha Heater can warm up a 350 ft2 room in less than 10 minutes, reaching your selected temperature in seconds. Just because it’s small and easy to use doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. Even though it has a much lower risk to run into obstructions or tip over as regular heaters do, this one has both a programmable timer (so that you can safely select heating time without forgetting to turn it off) and overheat protection, meaning that Alpha Heater will automatically cool itself or shut itself down if the internal temperature gets too high, or if an obstruction prevents safe space heating. You might think that all of it must cost a lot, but that’s not right – this heater is very energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about an increase in your bills at all. So, to summarize, all of these features together make Alpha Heater a definite must-have!

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